Born with a guitar in her lap and singing or playing ever since, it is little wonder that Sarah is one of the best guitarists and 'live performers' on today's competitive music scene. 

At the age of four, dolls were ditched in favour of her pet «Lap Guitar». 
She graduated to steel at an extraordinarily early age and today is rated one of the top five masters of the instrument in the world.

         For the past five years, Sarah has been working non-stop, winning the hearts of fans throughout the United Kingdom and on the continent with her own superb band, and this year achieved the accolade «Best European Female Country-Rock Artist of the Year».

                Her stage show now repeatedly attracts 'sell out' houses, whether at major festivals, in theatres or in country or rock venues.
We are all familiar with the cliché statements about concerts being powerful, exciting, electrifying !!! Sure Sarah's show is all of these... but more ! It is an outstanding musical EVENT because Sarah is unique.

Nowadays Sarah commands the titles of best British female country vocalist and best European female country rock artist and is rated one of the top five masters on steel guitar in the world.    

Leading from the front, her vocals are stunningly emotive, while her virtuosity whether on electric or acoustic guitar, slide 'bottleneck' guitar, mandolin, banjo, or of course steel guitar, is ably supplemented by five of Britain's best contemporary musicians.

     In the recent past, more and more people have become aware of Sarah because of her performances with major artists like Phil Collins and Eric Clapton. Still only 30 years old, an outstanding singer and superb musician, Sarah now delivers one of this year's most eye-opening albums - 'Kiss My Innocence', a work that reveals gorgeous new layers with each listen. There is no doubt that the name Sarah Jory will soon be on many lips... in many tongues !

Roots music greatly influenced Sarah Jory from her earliest childhood years; she got her first steel guitar when she was five, played her first concert when she was six, joined her first band at nine and by the age of 11 she had cut her first album. 

                 Two decades later, she is about to add her 13th album to an already prolific output and she has become a leading light in the current force of country-rock music. She regularly sells out venues across Europe and is now rated among the world's top five pedal steel guitar players. Sarah also plays mandolin,acoustic guitar, slide blues guitar, banjo and keyboards, and has a powerful voice that belts out raunchy rock anthems as easily as tender love ballads.

International success started with her first visit to America when she was only 13, to appear at the annual Steel Guitar convention in St Louis, Missouri. Sarah recalls playing a closing set with one of her biggest heroes Buddy Emmons, who remarked "She is one of the finest creative steel guitarists I have ever heard"..

In 1985, the British Country Music Association voted Sarah as the most promising new act, and since then, she's picked up almost every country award conceivable in this country: for eight consecutive years in the 1990's, she was voted Female Vocalist of the Year by the British Country Music Association, and since 1997, she has been voted European Country Rock Entertainer of the year.

          Sarah is regarded as one of the best guitarists and live performers on the scene, and this talent and energy is captured more than ever on her new LIVE album.

  This Feb 2002, will see Sarah and the band embark on their first ever Promo tour of Australia. Basing themselves in Brisbane, they will play a series of live gigs as well as TV and Radio promotion, this is a most exciting trip for them, and with America scheduled for later this year and an extensive tour covering the length and breadth of the UK and Europe, there has never been a better time to be part of or to see the experience that is The Sarah Jory Show.